This double drum winch is made with high quality materials for low maintenance. Manufactured from stainless steel, anodised aluminium and nylon and using sealed self lubricating bearings, the winch requires very little attention.

The change from traversing to sounding uses a well tried push/pull handle action but includes an automatic interlock which prevents incorrect operation. This feature combined with a load activated brake which is also completely automatic in action, means that the handle will not spin when released. No separate hand or foot operated braking device is employed. A load limiter is also fitted to the traversing system to protect the operator and the installation in the event of heavy objects becoming caught on the meter assembly during gauging.

All metering is independent of winding drums, ensuring that slippage at the drive pulley does not affect the measured distance,

Primarily designed for contact closure current meters, the signal is brought back through a stainless steel coaxial suspension cable to a robust open slip ring unit with connections for a current meter control unit.

The winch may be supplied with the winding handle on either side and can be mounted on the front or back of the cableway support, provided this is specified at time of ordering. It may also be supplied free standing, with alternative mounting arrangements to suit customer, or as a light weight version for transportability between fixed cableway sites.


Maximum sinker weight for the standard gear ratio is 60kg. Sinker weights greater than this can also be accommodated, but usually requires a more manageable gear ratio. Please contact the company to discuss. A Diptone power winch may be more suitable.
For temporary use or where space is at a premium, take a look at our Winch in a Box