Of stainless steel construction, with tough industrial quality bearings, this winch is thoroughly designed for  field work.  It is fitted with a load activated brake which automatically locks the winch handle at any position and a safety load limiter which permits slippage in the event of overload, without releasing the handle  -important features on manually wound portable equipment.

Robust open slip rings provide electrical connection to the 3.2mm stainless steel coaxial cable.

Drum capacity is 100m of 3.2mm stainless steel coaxial signal/sounding cable

Normal gearing  provides a ratio of  9.6:1.  A 25kg sinker would require an effort of  2.6 kg at the handle.  The maximum recommended sinker weight  for the winch is 60kg.  The winch can be customised to provide other gear ratios.

May be supplied with a simple bridge boom incorporating a metering device.   Customised derricks, trailer, vehicle or boat mountings can also be provided.

Complies with BS ISO 4375:2000